Cold Feet (1)

Christie Thomson


About the print

This print was created by 2019 DCA Award winner Christie Thomson. Screen printed in DCA Print Studio, this work depicts the unspecified anamorphic characters that featured in Thomson's degree show work. 

Cold Feet (1) was made in 2019 while the artist considered feelings of discomfort and uncertainty, possibly as a reaction to leaving university life and entering the world as a new graduate. 

Even after the exposing and printing process, the finished print carries through the texture and movement of the initial artwork.

This print was created exclusively for DCA as part of a set of three limited editions which share a common colour scheme and size:


Year 2019
Edition of 5
Media Screenprint
Dimensions 38 x 32cm
Signature Signed and numbered on front

About Christie Thomson

A graduate of Art and Philosophy at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Christie Thomson was awarded the DCA Award in 2019 for her degree show work, a cardboard theatre set where visual themes of ancient Greek architecture were paired with the modest material of cardboard in order to de-bunk the outdated hierarchy between Philosophy and representation art forms, like sculpture or theatre.

 A multimedia artist, her work explores how art and philosophy can be used as tools to explore complex issues. Since graduating, Thomson has been working in both print and paint to develop her visual language. Exploring the androgynous characters that have been present throughout her drawings and looking to philosophical issues for inspiration.