Hideyuki Katsumata Enamel Pin (Limited Edition)

Dundee Contemporary Arts



New designs added

DCA favourite Hideyuki Katsumata has collaborated with local company Savage Pins to produce these imaginative and detailed enamel pins. Jazz up your lapel, collar or bag with a Three Eyed Monster, a Bat-Eared Cyclops, a Horned Mask, or an Eye-Fist in pink or white. All designs are limited to an edition of 100 and are displayed on a Hideyuki designed backing card, each marked with the edition number. 

Please select which design you would like before adding to basket:

  • Pin A -Three Eyed Monster
  • Pin B - Bat-Eared Cyclops
  • Pin C - Horned Mask
  • Pin D1 - Eye-Fist Pink
  • Pin D2 - Eye-Fist White
Brand / Designer Savage Pins & Hideyuki Katsumata
Dimensions 30 x 25mm

About Hideyuki Katsumata

Hideyuki Katsumata is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo. Katsumata creates playful animations, paintings and prints influenced by folklore, manga and street art. His 2015 solo exhibition at DCA was one of our most popular to date.


About Savage Pins

Savage Pins are based in Scotland. Founder Rory Savage produces badges with twisted interpretations of popular culture and also works collaboratively with artists and designers to produce high quality bespoke enamel pins.