History I (Guernica)

Mateusz Fahrenholz


About the edition

In 2001, Mateusz Fahrenholz worked collaboratively with DCA Print Studio to create this series of screen prints, each meticulously hand printed with a rubber stamp instead of signing.

Using a form of mechanical image reproduction related to his exploration of the politics of industry and fabrication, Fahrenholz chose to highlight three geographic locations for this project: Guernica, Dachau and Waco. Historically resonant today because of their stories of past atrocities and violence, the lesser known story of these towns is that their infrastructure and population also happens to have grown from the location of a major gun manufacturing industry in their midst. By juxtaposing each hand-stamped town name alongside the more silent stories of the gun products that originated there, Fahrenholz makes visible the untold intersections of politics and the arms trade.

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Part of a series of three prints:

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Year 2001
Edition of Unnumbered
Media Screen print and rubber stamp on paper
Dimensions 34.5 x 37cm
Signature Unsigned, each print is individually stamped by the artist.
Artist Mateusz Fahrenholz
Produced with Mateusz Fahrenholz

About Mateusz Fahrenholz

Mateusz Fahrenholz was born in St. Andrews, Scotland. Both his parents were war generation exiles from Poland who settled in Scotland after the war. He attended Gray's School of Art, in Aberdeen (1988). HIs art school training was in printmaking and he often produces limited edition, printed works, using screenprint, digital print and rubber stamps. His main body of work concerns itself with how we perceive photography as the ‘truest’ art form, accepting the fact that a photograph gives us a real view of our surroundings and memories of people and events.

“I use…old photographs as a starting point, in a similar way to how many artists use sketches as a starting point for a new project. The selection of a photograph is instant, I immediately know whether I can visually tell a story from it or not.” Mateusz Fahrenholz


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