Original Film Soundtracks

Johanna Billing



A vinyl album documenting the music from two video works was produced in conjunction with the Johanna Billing’s exhibition Keep on Doing in 2007 at DCA; a solo exhibition presenting eight video installations.

Side 1 - You Don't Love Me Yet, Composed By – Roky Erickson, duration 7:34
Side 2 - Magical World, Composed By – Sidney Barnes, duration 6:13

Originally composed by legendary Roky Erickson You Don't Love Me Yet starts slow around a synth drone and a fragile violin, builds up slowly with more acoustic and electric instruments and voices to finally end in a massive endless pop hymn with roaring orchestra arrangements and blue eyed gospel choir…a 9 minute anthem recorded by friends and musicians from Stockholm at Atlantis Studio. Johanna had the idea for this piece, when she heard on public radio that Sweden has the highest number of single households worldwide.

Magical World documents a group of children from Zagreb, Croatia performing this pop masterpiece, originally written for the Chicago vocal group The Rotary Connection in the summer of love. This very mixed vocal pop ensemble with the outstanding voice of Minnie Ripperton in lead is in Billings version replaced by a group of suburban kids.

This album was produced by DCA in collaboration with Kavi Gupta and Apparent Extant. A book, Look Behind US, A Blue Sky, was also produced, in collaboration with Kunstmuseum Basel.

Date June 2007
Dimensions 311 x 31cm, Vinyl 12” EP