Ritmos de Luz / Rhythms of Light

Jim Campbell


About the publication

Jim Campbell's custom electronic sculptures and installations have made him a leading figure in the use of computer technology as an art form. Born in Chicago in 1956, he lives and works in San Francisco.

Produced by Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with DCA, this publication is a beautiful document of two major Jim Campbell exhibitions in Dundee and Madrid both of which were curated by DCA's Graham Domke.

Profusely illustrated, the hardback book features insightful essays by Darran Anderson, Michael Connor and Graham Domke. The catalogue also includes links to videos of Jim Campbell's work that can be watched through a Smartphone or a Tablet device, downloadable for free in the App Store or Google Play.

"Campbell’s stunning, innovative sculpting in time and electricity gives us much to consider; not just that reality appears illusory, but that illusions are reality. It is an exhibition that continues far beyond the confines of the gallery."

Darran Anderson

Date August 2015
Design Erretres
ISBN 978-84-15282-11-2
Dimensions 28 x 24 x 2cm
Pages 175