Seasons and Sacraments

Jutta Koether


About the publication

Seasons and Sacraments was published on the occasion of Jutta Koether’s significant solo exhibitions in 2013 at Dundee Contemporary Arts and Arnolfini, Bristol. The book features full colour documentation of the two thematic series’ The Four Seasons and The Seven Sacraments, marking the first time they have been shown together in exhibition. The publication focuses on a series of paintings and assemblages created by Koether in responses to 17th Century works by Nicolas Poussin. A foreword was written by Clive Gillman & Tom Trevor and essays by Jay Sanders, Michael Sanchez & Jeff Nagy, Graham Domke and Axel Wieder.

The book offers a close insight into Koether’s working and thinking through existing layers of reality and history as an aesthetic strategy. The elegant design has been created by HIT, Berlin, in close collaboration with the artist and Graham Domke, referencing an earlier book on Poussin, published by the National Galleries of Scotland.

Plublished by Graham Domke, assisted by Valerie Norris.

Date April 2014
Editon of 1500
Design HIT
Edited by Graham Domke assisted by Valerie Norris
ISBN 978-0-9558769-8-1
Dimensions 23.2 x 22.3cm
Pages 128 (softbound)