Sinestesiart Botanicum - Art Movement Plant Seed Pack

Dundee Contemporary Arts



Was £7.50 / Now £3.50

Each Sinestesiart Botanicum Seed Pack contains 4 clay balls, each with 3 varieties of seeds inside. Inspired by different art movements, the seeds germinate at different times of the year and grow to reflect the style of its title. Some of the plants are edible, some are fragrant, and some are simply beautiful to look at, combining to create art that appeals to multiple senses.

Choose from Surrealism, Pop Art or Dada, then plant, water and watch them grow!

Surrealism: silver cock's comb, cucumber and dandelion
Pop Art: oxeye daisy, cherry tomato and rainbow maize
Dada: milk thistle, sweet and chili peppers and rue

Brand / Designer IsOl Barcelona
Dimensions 9 x 6.5 x 2cm

About Designer

Spanish creative agency and design studio IsOl Barcelona create products and social projects that promote art, storytelling and social consciousness.