Tay Rail Bridge III (Pink)

Claire McVinnie


Made in DCA Print Studio 

This print was created by artist Claire McVinnie in DCA Print Studio. 

Capturing architectural details from Dundee's iconic Tay Rail Bridge, this large scale print was produced using a combination of woodblock and screen printing.

DCA Print Studio is an open access space, located on the Lower Ground floor of DCA, provides state-of-the-art facilities to create print, photography and digital work. Anyone can become a registered Print Studio User – find out more at www.dca.org.uk.

Media Screenprint / Woodblock
Dimensions  70 x 50cm

About Claire McVinnie

Claire is based in North Fife and graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee with a B-des (HONS) in Illustration and Printmaking. A hugely experienced printmaker, she has worked in just about every medium available from metal, clay and recycled objects to photography and film; she specialises and has a particular interest in screen printing, collagraph, etching and mono printing. Claire is a Studio Coordinator in DCA Print Studio, and also teaches courses alongside her own extensive artistic practice.