Lera Grant


Made in DCA Print Studio 

This screenprint was created by Lera Grant, a registered user of DCA Print Studio. 

Since 2013, Lera has been actively experimenting with traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques in DCA Print Studio. Lera's work encompasses various subjects; some reflect her contemplation of the natural world, capturing its beauty and essence, while others take on a more illustrative style, incorporating elements of fantasy.

DCA Print Studio is an open access space, located on the Lower Ground floor of DCA, provides state-of-the-art facilities to create print, photography and digital work. Anyone can become a registered Print Studio User – find out more at www.dca.org.uk.

Edition of 3 of 10
Media Screenprint
Dimensions  34.5 x 50cm

About Lera Grant

Lera Grant is an artist, printmaker, designer and photographer. Born and raised in Tajikistan's Pamir mountains, she studied at The Institute of Contemporary Arts in Moscow before travelling to India to attend the College of Arts "Kalakshetra" in Chennai. In 2010, Lera made Scotland her home, establishing a studio in Cupar.