The Connoisseurs

Alex Frost


About the publication

Published to accompany Alex Frost’s solo exhibition at DCA The Connoisseurs (from 13 March – 23 May 2010). This publication affords us the privilege of presenting these drawings re-configured for the printed form. Utilising the publish-on-demand process has a certain logic for an artist who has a long-held interest in the intersection of traditional crafts and new technologies.

The portraits are a reciprocal system of exchange between the viewer and the artist and between the artist and the subject. The act of illustrating the work recto–verso for this publication is another act of generosity and openness on the artist’s part.

They come ‘from behind you’ as Robert Morris once said of his absurd, unsettling Tar Babies, and Alex’s Connoisseurs share a recognisably everyday, yet faintly sinister power to them. Here we get to see the Connoisseurs pre-framed, before they become famous. 

Year 2010
Edition of Print on demand
Design Robert Dallas Gray
ISBN 978-0-9558769-3-6
Dimensions 25 x 19.5cm
Pages 20