The End: Surviving the World Through Imagined Disasters

Dundee Contemporary Arts



Part of 404 Ink's Inklings titles for 2021, this series includes thought-provoking titles in pocket-size.

Throughout history, apocalypse fiction has explored social injustice through fantasy, sci-fi and religious imagery, but what can we learn from it? Why do we escape very real disaster via dystopia? Why do we fantasies about the end of the world? In considering apocalypse fiction across culture and its role in how we manage, manifest and imagine social, economic and political crises, Katie Goh navigates what this genre reveals about our contemporary anxieties, and why we turn to disaster time and again.

Brand / Designer Katie Goh / 404 Ink
Dimensions 17.5 x 12cm

About 404 Ink

404 Ink was founded by Heather McDaid and Laura Jones in 2016 with the view that publishing could be a little louder and a little more fun. Their goal is to support new and emerging writers’ careers, and they believe in quality over quantity. That is, not publishing to fill a schedule but publishing because that book truly needs to be read. 404 Ink authors and books have won awards including the Saltire Society First Book of the Year, Outstanding Literature Award at the Scottish Culture Awards, and are Scottish Book Trust New Writers Awardees.