Tri Flex Statement Necklace

Dundee Contemporary Arts



Created by Glasgow-based designer Lynne MacLachlan, this pink/red graduated collar necklace stretches gently over the head and sits comfortably around the neck and collar bone.

A repeating triangular spiral pattern adds interest to this contemporary piece, sure to garner attention and elevate outfits.

Made from hand-dyed 3D printed nylon. Can be gently cleaned and reshaped by washing in warm soapy water and leaving to dry.

Brand / Designer Lynne MacLachlan
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 1.5cm

About Designer

Lynne MacLachlan Studio produces colourful, sculptural jewellery and objects, thoughtfully designed and made to bring colour and joy into your life. Lynne takes a creative approach with digital tools and materials, exploring and pushing the capabilities of these, using bespoke software tools and 3D printing to materialise complex forms. Combining these tools with meticulous hand finishing techniques, such as dying, polishing and construction, elevates the pieces to become artful pieces of cutting-edge design that endure. Her work has been recognised with awards from the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council, the Scottish International Education Trust, a Dewar Arts Award to fund her studies at the Royal College of Art and most recently a maker bursary from the Inches Carr Trust.