Under the Box, Beyond the Bounds

Hiraki Sawa


About the publication

A very special hardback publication produced to accompany Hiraki Sawa’s two solo exhibitions: Lenticular at Dundee Contemporary Arts from 5 October 2013 until 5 January 2014 and Under the Box, Beyond the Bounds at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery from 18 January to 30 March 2014.

This very personal book reflects his latest works and installations in a playful way across six chapters. The first chapter explores his fascination for astronomy, experimenting with footage of the northern lights for Aurora and at the Mills Observatory in Dundee for the ambitious two channel film Lenticular, a loose portrait of an astronomer and the planetarium itself.

Additional works illustrated include drawings and sculptural forms shown for the first time and visual souvenirs of his journeys across North America including the far Northwest Territories at Yellowknife, Canada. The fifth chapter reproduces his videos and animations in series of stills. The book is complemented with a text by Graham Domke, Exhibitions Curator at DCA, translated into Japanese by Shinobu Nomura (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery); hand-written notes by the artist; his biography and a list of works.

Published by HeHe, Tokyo, Japan. Edited by Mizue Nakamura (HeHe).

Year of January 2014
Edition 2000
Design Kazuya Kondo
ISBN 978-4-90243-86-3
Edited by Mizue Nakamura (HeHe)
Dimensions 22 x 15.5cm
Pages 130 (hard cover)