Jean B Martin


Made in DCA Print Studio 

This screenprint was created by Jean B Martin RSW, a registered user of DCA Print Studio.

Screen printing is an important aspect of Martin's practice as a painter. She builds up her screenprints with many layers, using the screen and separations as a mark making tool, occasionally distressing the marks or overlaying them with gold or pigment. As a result she creates variable editions with a painterly approach to her subject matter.

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Edition of 1 (Artist's Proof)
Media Screenprint
Dimensions 47 x 64cm 

About Jean B Martin RSW

Born in Glasgow Jean B Martin studied Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art. 

Creating work in watercolour, acrylic, mixed media and collage, Martin works from material gathered in her sketchbooks and combines many textured layers to achieve each work. As a painter, she also combines screen printed areas within her paintings when working on water-based mixed media paintings.