Drawing as Therapy

Dundee Contemporary Arts



Enjoy new lessons from The School of Life with this interactive book all about the power of drawing.

Drawing as Therapy is a collection of playful creative prompts and exercises that introduce you to the curative powers of drawing. Divided into eight chapters, they invite you to reflect on different aspects of our life and psyche – personality, moods, memories and passions – by attempting to render them through art. The exercises won’t teach you how to draw. Instead, they will teach you an entirely new way of thinking about drawing, where there is no such thing as failure or success, only self-discovery and, in the best sense, play.

Brand / Designer The School of Life
Dimensions 25 x 18 x 2cm

About Designer

The School of Life are a multi-platform organisation founded by philosopher Alain de Botton that promotes emotional intelligence and accessible philosophy. Through films, workshops, books and gifts, they aim to provide tools and techniques for developing self-knowledge and finding fulfilment.