Schemers (DVD)

Dundee Contemporary Arts



We were delighted to show Dundee’s very own Schemers in DCA Cinema and have it available to rent via DCA at Home. If you missed it in either of those places, or you just really love the film, you can buy your very own copy on DVD!

Set at the tail end of the 1970s, Schemers tells the real-life story of director Dave Mclean (Conor Berry), as he chances his way through his twenties, getting into scrapes and turning to the world of music promotion to make some money and, importantly, to impress girls; namely Shona, played by Tara Lee (Moon Dogs, Eastenders). As Davie and his two pals Scot and John bounce from one shambolic gig to the next, finding themselves deeper and deeper in debt to the local mob, they stumble across a potential solution to their problems – booking an up-and-coming heavy metal band called Iron Maiden to play the Caird Hall. What could possibly go wrong?

With a uniquely Dundonian sense of wit, plenty of DIY punk spirit, a cast of colourful characters and positively filled to the brim with familiar locations, Schemers is an unashamed love letter to Dundee itself, and the people who make up our city.

Dave Mclean
Duration 1h30m
Certificate 15
Dimensions 18.5 х 13 x 1.4cm