Wha Bohked in the Aspadeestra (Dundee Sayings)

Dundee Contemporary Arts



Strap on yir seatbelts for a brah an' bumpy ride alang eviry twist an' turn o' the Dundonese dehelict.

From the vehrus to the V&Eh, from matteramonial matters to shoppin' - and never forgetting pehzn beans an' pehzn peas - Wha Bohked in the Aspadeestra? is a delightful slice of the Tayside pie. Peppered with Bob Dewar's quirky illustrations and salted with Norman Watson's tongue-in-cheek translations, this wee gem of a book will resonate with Dundonians and their kin the world over.

M'wah. E've got tae skoot!

144 pages

Author / Publisher Norman Watson /  Luath Press Ltd
Dimensions 12.9 x 19.7 x 1.3cm